Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Support Denmark!!!

Remember to support our friends the Danes in the worldwide free speech battle. There is a large boycott of Danish goods in the Muslim world over cartoons printed in a Danish newspaper in September. There have also been flag-burnings, beatings of Danish aid workers and an attack and takeover of an EU office in Gaza over these cartoons. Thankfully, and surprisingly, the Europeans and their Press seem to be stepping up on the Danes' side and for once are not being cowed by the threats.

Buy Havarti cheese, Carlsberg or Tuborg beers, Gevalia coffee, Danish Crown (DAK)hams, White Clover Dairy or Holland Farm Brand, and LEGO.

If the Islamists are allowed to dictate what we say/print/read/see through fear of violent upheaval in the European Muslim community or through some misguided PC driven desire not to offend, then they are closer to achieving their caliphate in Europe than we thought.

You can also go here if you want to send an e-mail or letter of support to the Danish Embassy in D.C.


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