Monday, November 21, 2005

Be Careful What You Wish For....

Well, once again the Dems have been shown to be the intellectually dishonest, political hacks that they are. Given the opportunity to vote on the record for immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq, their stated goal, the Dems in Congress folded like a house of cards. Rep. J. D. Hayworth R-AZ along with Rep.Duncan Hunter, chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, drafted a resolution last Friday that was to serve as "a statement of clarity" that asked House members whether they supported the idea "that the deployment of United States forces in Iraq be terminated immediately." The results were a resounding no to the 'cut and run' philosophy. The final vote on this issue was not a mere defeat for the anti-war (read anti-Bush) side but a proverbial dope-smack to the left, with the final vote coming down at 403 to 3. The only yes votes for the plan were from comrades McKinney, Serano, and Wexler (cheers for being consistent, jeers for being anti-victory).
The reason that this resolution and vote became necessary is due to the words of Rep Jack Murtha D-PA. On Thursday of last week Murtha called on the House floor for the immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq. If you read the MSM you would be led to believe that Rep. Murtha had a sudden change of heart brought on by a state of new found higher conciousness. Murtha, as was reported ad infinitum, is a Democrat hawk and a decorated Vietnam war veteran, and now even he knows that the war is wrong. The only problem with these statements is that Rep Murtha has been espousing these kind of defeatist ideas since at least May of 2004 when he stood next to Nancy Pelosi and claimed the Iraq war was "unwinnable", no doubt a source of comfort for the men and women in the armed forces from his native western PA. Murtha is just another "war hero" trotted out by the left to try and deceive the people into believing that the Dems have a clue about how to protect this country and prosecute the war on terror.
You may ask yourself why the vote turned out so pro-war in this time of sinking poll numbers and seemingly fast-eroding support for the war, and there is one simple answer. The answer is that the Dems in congress hold no discernable moral convictions and so are unwilling to take a stand that may be unpopular or politically damaging. The ill-advised cut and run strategy espoused by Murtha, Sheehan, Code Pink et al., is a recipe for disaster and the Democrats know it, hence the overwhelming rejection of the call to quit Iraq despite all the wailing and nashing of teeth from the left. If the Dems truly felt that they had the people on their side and really wanted to bring the troops home, not just beat up on the administration in a disgraceful attempt to gain political position, then they would have jumped at the opportunity and voted for the resolution.
I guess the Dems can file this one under 'be careful what you wish for, you might get it'.


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