Friday, February 03, 2006

Abramoff's Reach Crossed the Aisle

The Jack Abramoff dust-up promises to effect the environment in D.C. for the immediate foreseeable future. Contrary to the hopes of the Democrats this promises to be an equal opportunity scandal. With the release today of reports that show Senate minority leader Harry Reid of Nevada received over $50,000 from four Indian tribes with interests in gaming after they hired Jack Abramoff, DNC chair Howard Dean's assertion that "this is a Republican scandal" seems less than accurate.
According to the Center for Responsive Politics, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Cmte(DSCC) and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Cmte(DCCC) were the number 3 and 4 biggest recipients from Abramoff and those he represented. The DSCC and DCCC received a total of over $540,000 combined. Even the much maligned former majority leader Tom Delay, who has been inexorably tied to Abramoff through the media, received donations from Abramoff linked sources in amounts less than or equal to amounts given to five individual Democrat members of the House and Senate and the DNC. Look here for a full list of recipients of Abramoff cash.
Granted, total dollars are greater on the GOP side. This is a major part of why Roy Blunt did not win the Republican House Leader race and why the Republicans are leading the charge to reform how Washington does business. Power does have the ability to corrupt and it also breeds complacency. A little shakeup/wakeup to the powers that be and a reminder of who they really work for is very good for the system. As I stated before this is an equal opportunity scandal with both sides of the aisle having egg on their face, it is not a Republican scandal


At 7:20 AM EST, Anonymous trent said...

It's nice to have you back even if you are a little banged up....feel better... What did you think of The State of the Union Address? Right on Bush...

P.S. I tried to go back and copy that article that the Iranian Journalist wrote to show some people but the link had expired.


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