Saturday, April 01, 2006

All Gave Some, Some Gave All

Here's the link to the story of the valor displayed by the first Medal of Honor winner in the Iraq War, Sgt. Paul Ray Smith. Sgt. Smith was a career military man with extensive experience in war zones who gave his life so that his men could live. Men who fight for unworthy or lost causes DO NOT fight like this man.
God Bless Paul Ray Smith, his wife and family, and all the men and women who fight every day for the noblest of causes, our continued freedom and liberty.
God Bless America!!

Border!? What Border?

If you don't think that a wall at the Mexican border is necessary maybe this article will change your mind. These are the same people for whom the Israelis built their wall and we have seen, by the decline in homicide bombings since wall construction, that they are obviously poor climbers.

Also check here for the first report I have seen of backlash against the invading Mexican hordes and their student sympathizers. It's good to see people starting to stand up for our country and flag. Speaking of standing up, don't forget the Minutemen are holding a month long border protection program starting this month which will mirror their very successful program last year.